Brad Emanuel is a Wisconsin musician/entertainer who has been performing in public for over 10 years. He's performed at everything from wedding ceremonies to country music festivals. With a repertoire of over 200 songs and growing, ranging in style from country to rock, and spanning over 5 decades, Brad can entertain any crowd, anytime. And it's not just a solo act. He's played in duo, trios, and full bands. He can dress up for your formal party or wedding, or dress down for your backyard barbecue. If you need to hear something, just ask Brad!


Does Brad do weddings??

You bet! Email ( for a price for a 3-4 hour wedding reception, and that includes DJ-ing AS WELL AS his fun acoustic performance.  Brad "DJ's" when he's not performing (breaks, requests, events like garter toss, etc.).  He MC's the entire reception also.  He gets hired for 6-12 weddings a year, most of them end up being some mixture of live music and DJ... all depends on the crowd.


Brad says, "I've gotten pretty good at feeling your party out and proceeding accordingly, but if you feel like I'm playing too much or DJ-ing too much, just come up and let me know, no offense will be taken.  Like I said though, I've got it pretty figured out."


Usually the "events" (father/daughter, bouquet toss, etc.) are DJ'd so he can MC over the song.  Then when he takes a break from playing and singing (inevitable), he packs up the dance floor with the laptop.  It works great, probably the best thing about booking Brad... you get both!


He provides his own PA system, as well as lights.  If you decided to book Brad, he would send you a contract and require a deposit of to hold the date.  He'd also send you his "Wedding Planner Packet" for you to fill out to help ensure a fun evening. 



Brad uses Bose Professional Sound Amplification, Takamine Guitars, Shure Microphones, TC Helicon Vocal and Guitar Effects, Clayton Picks.