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Venmo Cash Raffle!! Every dollar tipped to Brad's Venmo (@Brad321) goes towards a chance to win!!! Total Venmo collected will be divided as follows: 25% for each of the performers, and 25% to one lucky winner... you can enter as much as you'd like, as often as you'd like... Venmo has to be sent to Brad (@Brad321) to be included in the lottery. 

We also have the LSC Collectors Lottery for the Drink Like a Murphy Gift Package... Jameson, Guinness, 321 Drink Wine Glass, 321 Drink Beer Cup, and Two Koozies... It's FREE! Just head to, join Brad's fan club, and start collecting. Don't worry, the people there will show you how to do it... Brad's fan club is full of the bestest peeps. The Drink Like a Murphy Gift Package was graciously donated by Brad's aunt, Rogene Janik, who's mom's maiden name was Murphy. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

AND... Brad's new hats are in! All new followers to Brad's latest streaming platform, Volume, will have shot at a brand new Wisconsin B Irish Green Black Flex Fit hat. Just click the Volume logo below or CLICK HERE!

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